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  I have spent the last couple of months in a perpetual state of wait All my energy, focus, and actions have been tuned to your realisation Yet, day in day out, minutes by minutes, seconds by seconds, I wait For that text, that stamp, that pass, that endorses this ambition Without which my life hangs in limbo, knowing not what’s my fate “…delayed but never denied”, the phrase i hang on With nothing else left to do, I pray and wait   Dieu-Donné Gameli I hail from Ghana, drawn to both academia and industry… Read Article →

It’s an early Sunday morning and I have been awoken by my grandfather’s knock on the door. Having found the couch a most comfortable place to sleep, I am almost always the first to open the door and know of his presence. This also comes with being the first to get the sweets which his pockets never seemed to be empty of. Those rare Sunday mornings formed the early memories I had of my grandfather. And those rare Sundays were how he spent his last years, he tried visiting the families of each of his… Read Article →

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