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Another one from the archives. This was originally posted on Medium.   One fine Saturday in 2011, I was at a GTUG-Legon (now GDG-Legon) event led by Divine Puplampu. That was the first time I met Ato Ulzen-Appiah and my second time seeing him, we’ll go on to become good friends and do so much together. Before then I had heard so much about him — how he worked with Google and had degrees from MIT and Stanford University. There was something about him then that make him easy to relate and aspire to. He was a… Read Article →

This is a post i wrote on March 6, 2015 (Ghana’s Independence Day) after attending the Pan African Congress. It was published on …republishing it here so i can have all my writings in one place.    I was invited to participate in the 8th Pan African Congress being held in Accra from the 4-7th of March. One thing the congress succeeded in, was filling my head with so many ideas that I had no choice other than to share. The date for the congress was chosen to coincide with Ghana’s 58th independence anniversary… Read Article →

Last Saturday, I took a trotro to go meet-up with a friend around the Airport city. Trotros are my main form of transport around Accra. Half-way through the ride, the trotro got pulled over by the Police. The driver did not have his license. These situations usually get ‘settled’ with the exchange of some few cedis. Only on this occasion, the police seemed to not want anything to do with that. He directed the driver to follow him to the police station. This was met with a lot of pleading and agitations directed at the… Read Article →

It’s an early Sunday morning and I have been awoken by my grandfather’s knock on the door. Having found the couch a most comfortable place to sleep, I am almost always the first to open the door and know of his presence. This also comes with being the first to get the sweets which his pockets never seemed to be empty of. Those rare Sunday mornings formed the early memories I had of my grandfather. And those rare Sundays were how he spent his last years, he tried visiting the families of each of his… Read Article →

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